COVID-19 Update — September 2020

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As of September 6, New Zealand has 116 active cases across the country and none in the South Island. We are winning the war but we must keep up the good effort otherwise the consequence could be dire. To stay updated with the current cases and information regarding them, click here.

It is vital that we stop the spreading of this virus by ensuing we self isolate if we are sick (temperature, cough, shortness of breath). We must practice excellent infectious hygiene by coughing into our elbows, washing our hands thoroughly with soap and water, and avoiding touching our faces when possible. So far, countries that have persistent strict self-isolation have significantly reduced the impact of COVID-19, so keep up the good habits.

You must immediately self isolate (see document below) if you come into contact with anyone who has had the virus. Then call the Corona virus hotline on 0800 358 5453

If you are unwell with a fever, cough, or short of breath, and have not been in contact with anyone, please book online or thru  ManageMyHealth for a phone or video consult. Alternatively you can phone the health centre for a phone or video appointment.

If you know of anyone or is someone who needs some sort of help be it with groceries or just advice as to what services are avaliable please contact the Geraldine Community Resource Centre via facebook.

Self Isolation

Essential points to Self Isolation:

  • Stay at home
  • Keep 1-2 meters away from anyone
  • It is ok to go for a walk as long as you are more than 1 meter away from anyone
  • Get groceries delivered to door
  • It is not ok to sit “outside” at a cafe
  • It is not ok to go to supermarket
  • It is not ok to go shopping

We have a responsibility to protect those who are most vulnerable so please keep our community safe.


Testing involves a simple swab up the nose. This does take us significant time to do as we have to put on Personal Protective Equipment and we will be seeing you in your car in our staff carpark in order to protect other patients.

You must phone us on 03 693 8880 to see if you need to be tested. If we have said yes, you will drive into our staff car park then phone us to let us know that you have arrived.

There are strict guidelines at this stage on who we are allowed to test.

There will be no Patient fee for this.